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In addition to art, I seem to have no trouble filling my free time with other pursuits that you may find interesting.  Click on the links or thumbnails for further browsing.

bullet Our Lord & Savior- It took me almost 50 years, but I have finally realized where my talents originate.  I try to structure my life with guidance from our Father who gave us all.

bullet First United Methodist Church - Berkeley Springs, WV
bullet United Methodist Church


"For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have more than enough. But from the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him."      Matthew 25:29


Flying - Both my wife and I have been flying since 1980.  My Father taught me to fly and introduced me to the thrills of aerobatic flight around the same time.  I retired from competition aerobatics in 1992 after achieving some success in local and national events, highlighted by winning the 1988 International Aerobatic Championships in the Unlimited Category. 

My aerobatic flying is now done with radio controlled model planes, which I find even more challenging than the full sized versions.  They just don't cost or hurt as much!

bullet Experimental Aircraft Association
bullet International Aerobatic Club
bullet Harold Krier Cup (IAC Unlimited Category)
bullet International Miniature Aerobatic Club




Pistols - I grew up in a shooting and hunting family in the hills of West Virginia.  Lately I have found that pistol shooting and in particular Bullseye pistol competition provides a challenge that speaks well to my competitive spirit.  Bullseye has been around for over 100 years.  It is a deceptively simple pistol match format but decidedly difficult to master.  Pistols are fired in the standing position, with one hand at 50 yards for Slow Fire and 25 yards for Timed & Rapid Fire.  To this day a perfect score has never been fired in a full 2700 point 3-gun aggregate (22, Center Fire, and 45 Caliber)!


Although far from achieving national recognition in this sport I have managed to put together a number of local and regional match wins as well as winning the 2006 Texas State Rifle Association Bullseye Championship in June 2006.


bullet Bullseye Pistol
bullet Civilian Marksmanship Program
bullet National Rifle Association



bullet Texas State Rifle Association
bullet Antiqueguns




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